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Elliott Murphy - On Elvis Presleys Birthday - аккорды и текст, видео

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On Elvis Presleys Birthday

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On Elvis Presleys Birthday
Elliott Murphy
Song:          On Elvis Presley's Birthday
Artist:        Elliott Murphy feat. Bruce Springsteen
Album:         Selling The Gold
Tabbed by:     Javier de la Fuente

G   D   Am   C      G   D   Am   C      G   

G                                           D
I can't say that I love this place where I live
                     Am                                     C
This particular geographical location but I've grown use to it
           G                           D
And now I miss it when I'm away, of course when I was a kid
Am                                            C
My father would take me with him down to the bowery where the bums where
G                                              D
And in the restaurants supply stores he would buy shiny steel refrigerators
Am                        C
And deadly looking stoves
                 G                                  D
While I begged him to take to the army navy surplus stores on canal street 
Am                      C    G
to buy big dead bullets

G                    D           Am                                 C
  He wore a short cordury jacket,   an informal hat with puff of feather
                                                     G          D    Am    C                     
And he talked with his hands in his pants pockets jangling change
G                                   D
Driving his Cadillac it was Elvis Presley's birthday
     Am                   C
They said it on the radio
                                       G     D      Am     C
My father like Elvis and it was worderful
We drove trough black nieghborhoods
                          D                         Am    C    G
On Long Island's north shore When Elvis was alive

G                                               D           
My father was from Brooklyn and the depression left his mark
Am                                        C
   From picking up coal on the railroad tracks
                              G                                D    Am    C
He didn't have a good word to say about Franklin Delano Roosvelt
G        D
Later I liked elegant hotel bars 
Am                         C
where I could drink under F. Scott Fitzgerald Skies
G                        D              Am                          C
The coolest of the cool, never a child on Elvis Presley's birthday's
               G               D      Am     C
My dead father jangling change

G                        D                  Am            C
This is an unreal City, you can be anybody when you're alone

G    D    Am    C     G    D    Am    C   G
Добавлено: 21.04.2018
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