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Elliott Murphy - Made In Freud - аккорды и текст, видео

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Made In Freud

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Made In Freud
Elliott Murphy
Song:           Made In Freud
Artist:         Elliott Murphy
Album:          Beauregard (1998)
Tabbed by:      Javier de la Fuente

Em   A      Em   A

Em                  C
Down by the harbor, they don't know your name
Em                          C
See the girl with the soda, sucking on a candy cane
She says what you looking at boy
             B7                    C7 B7 Em    Am    
You say I'm looking for someone to blame

Em   A 

Em                     C
Fashion rules Iceland, said the Irish monk
Em                                     C
Preaching to a room full of dissidents drowing in the grunge and the funk
And Kiki of Montparnasse
            B7                    C7 B7 Em    Am   
She's buck naked in the captain's buck

D                       F#m
Can't control it now my feet are getting weak
G                            D
From sleeping on my tiptoes every time I speak
F#m                        G
From the bottomless ocean, to the endless space
Em                              A
Every mirror got a memory of a distinctly human face

[Solo trough intro chords]
Em   A      Em   A     Em   A      Em   A

Em                   C
Picasso's boomerang, it came back today
Em                             C
The luggage tag said Atlantis, T  W  A
Em                     C
I was washing my face, with the holy grail
Em                                           C
Every guitar player was changing his strings or doing time in jail
Em                                  C
I was stuck inside a photo machine, signs flashing all over the place
Em                                             C
This machine does not give change, except the color of your face
And when the train pulled out of the station
     B7              C7 B7 Em    Am   
I picked up a Fender bass        ba da da ba

Em   A            Em   A             Em   A     
    ba da da ba       ba da da ba        ba da da ba

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