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Ella Fitzgerald - When My Sugar Walks Down The Street - аккорды, текст

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When My Sugar Walks Down The Street
Ella Fitzgerald
          WHEN MY SUGAR WALKS DOWN THE STREET  Gene Austin / Irving Mills / Jimmy McHugh    
---------------------------------------------------------------- 1924---------------
Tabbed by: Mike Lydiat
E-mail: mike@docsworkshop.co.uk

Pretty straightforward really.  Harder to find videos with verse and chorus but here are 4 of them:
You Tube video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4OWdljsAeNw
You Tube video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qozlctfZWM
You Tube video 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmuyeyUS5DI
You Tube video 4 (best I think!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-Z2SUn44Js

  C F Fm Dm G7 D7 Em Am   C D G7 G A7 Dm

C          F        Fm    C         F       Fm 
  I know a thing or two     and I'm telling you, 
C            Dm    G7  C     G7 
  I've got a wonderful gal!
C               F      Fm     C           F      Fm  
  She's got the cutest smile,   a million dollar style, 
D7                        G7 
   She's just a wonderful pal. 
Em             Am     G7               C 
I feel just so happy 'cause I love her so, 
C             F     Fm    C         F           Fm 
  When she is by my side     I'm so filled with pride, 
D7                        G7 
I want the whole world to know: 

C                   D                G7                         C 
When my sugar walks down the street, all the little birdies go "tweet tweet tweet!" 
C                                       G     G7                        C
   And in the ev'ning when the sun goes down, it's never dark if she's around 
C                         D              G7                   C 
She's so affectionate and I'll say this, when she kisses me I sure stay kissed! 
A7                     Dm                         G                       C 
   When my Sugar walks down the street the little birdies go "tweet tweet tweet!" 

C           F      Fm     C           F       Fm  
  I like my coffee sweet,    and everything I eat 
C                 Dm    G7 C     G7  
   Must have some sugar on top 
C              F       Fm     C              F        Fm
   I'm telling you the truth    I've got the sweetest tooth 
D7                     G7
   I love a sweet lollipop. 
Em              Am      G7                  C 
Tell me what is sweeter than a sweet, sweet kiss, 
C                F       Fm     C        F        Fm   
    From someone who can be       oh, so sweet to me, 
D7                     G7 
I want you all to know this:  

C           F       Fm      C              F        Fm   
   I like a morning break -   if there's a piece of cake
C             Dm         G7     C      G7  
   With royal frosting - that's swell.  
C           F      Fm      C                   F     Fm   
  I like my tea so sweet -    some cream makes it complete
D7                            G7 
   With chocolate biscuits as well.
    Em             Am        G7           C 
But my gal is much sweeter - cotton candy smile
C              F      Fm     C                F     Fm   
  And when she kisses me        she tastes so heavenly
D7                        G7 
    She makes living worthwhile. 


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