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Ella Fitzgerald - The Man I Love - текст песни

Someday hell come along, the man I love

And hell be big and strong, the man I love

And when he comes my way

Ill do my best to make him stay

Hell look at me and smile,

Ill understand

And in a little while hell take my hand

And though it seems absurd

I know we both wont say a word

Maybe I shall meet him sunday

Maybe monday, maybe not

Still Im sure to meet him one day

Maybe tuesday will be my good news day

Hell build a little home, just meant for two

From which well never roam; who would, would you? 

And so all else above Im waiting for the man I love

"the man I love" had the odd distinction of becoming a recognized standard despite its having been (1)

Thrown out of the musical for which it had been written

("lady, be good!" in 1924); (2) sung in a show that flopped on the road (the 1927 "strike up the

Band"); (3) added to and then cut from a third musical

("rosalie"); (4) rejected when "strike up the band" was successfully revised in 1929. the reason for

The last situation was ironic: the song had become too well


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