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Edge Of Sanity - Blood Of My Enemies - текст песни, табы

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Blood Of My Enemies

  • аккорды, текст

Авторы музыки: Joey DeMaio
Авторы текста: Joey DeMaio
Edge of Sanity "Blood of My Enemies"
The Spectral Sorrows
tabbed by: Drew Schinzel 
March 2000

~ vibrato

Note: Ok, this is a repetitive song, and it would be reduntant if I were
to include every single chord they play, so I didn't.

Standard tuning

 intro (arranged for one guitar)

lead-in   riff 1
 For this riff, it helps just hold your fret-hand in the F#/B5 position.
 Remember to mute the hell out of the bottom chords.


 riff 2 (chorus) Timing isn't notated here.. listen to the song.

 At the end of the chorus, repeat the ending triplet part twice.

For the solo rhythm, listen to the CD - it's mostly the F#/B5 chord
muted in different triplet patterns, with the riff 1 lead-in occasionally
thrown in.  Also include the G5 fill once or twice.. it's just a
of all the different verse parts, basically.

Finish the song with the G5 fill followed by the riff 1 lead-in and a B5.   

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