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Ducky Boys - The River - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

The River

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Sometimes I get nostalgic for the past

Sometimes I'm proud of the fact that I'm white trash

Sometimes I think that I can't stand alone

Sometimes I want to run away from home

Sometimes I feel like life kicks me in the face

I gotta get back up 'cause, baby, that's the break

Sometimes I think about the way I was raised

Sometimes I dwell on the dues I've been forced to pay

Sometimes I think about the bullshit I took

I wish I used the chance to fight when I could've

But it's alright

I want to know that when my body lies, will my spirit roam?

Will Isee all the things I never could see?

Will my questions be answered when the river meets the sea?   
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