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Dodie Clark - A Song About A Song - аккорды и текст, видео

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A Song About A Song

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A Song About A Song
Dodie Clark
Hey you!
Here's the chords of Doddleoddle's song named "A song about a song" in featuring with her little sister Hedy!
Actually this is my first tab ever that I recognised by ear (so if you see mistakes or things that doesn't 
work, tell me in the comments :D) 
If you need help to play it on piano, leave a comment, I would be pleased to help you as a pianist!
Anyway, let's sing it ;)


A                                 A
I'm a musical girl, and I like to play
Dbm                                 Dbm
But sometimes things don't quite go my way
D                              E
And I'm not quite sure what to say (I could give you some advice!)

A                              A              Dbm
I'm all ready to sing, got the chord sequence down
                          Dbm            D
I'm humming the tune, and I'm liking the sound (Me too!)
But on my paper there's no words to be found (Look, there's a word there and a word there and a word there!)

Bb                           Dm
It would sound so neat, with something sorrowful (I'm already crying!)
   C                                   Dm
Or perhaps some words about how much I love you (Ooh, thank you very much!)
Bb                        C
But instead you're stuck, with a song about a song (well kind of)


Bb                                   F
I couldn't think of anything else to say
Bb                                        Dm
I promise I'll write a better one another day (Yay)
                                           C                  C D Eb
And have you noticed that I've changed the key (No, have you?)
Eb                           Bb     
The first bit was an A major actually (Oh yeah!)
Ab                                    Bb
But I couldn't figure out, how to get back
Ab                       Bb
Right now I think its in E flat (Is it?)
In fact


Eb                           G         Ab          Abm
This song sounds completely different, to the start    (Well at least it goes)
Eb               G          Ab         Abm
I need to end it now, but I don't know how (Awh, that's fine!)

So this will do? (yep)
Ok :D
Добавлено: 18.10.2017
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