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Devlin - Dreamer - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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A beautiful song by Devlin featuring Emeli Sande
Its my first tab so if there is a better opinion bring it on!
It has a standard tuning (EADGBE)
From what i can hear there are 4 chords throughout the whole song

Dm Am C Em

or you can play it with palm mute


(Hook: Emeli Sandé)
        Dm               Am                    C              Em
I am nothing, nothing, nothing but a dreamer, wishing on a star
        Dm               Am                    C              Em 
I have nothing, nothing, but pure imagination, hoping it can take me far

And you play this for the whole song....

(Verse 1: Devlin)
If you long to be free
Come for the ride you'll like what you see
I reside in an infinite dream
And I fly in the sky like D double E
Exploring the depths of the sea
Fish red yellow pink purple and green
Swim with sharks of the deadliest breed
Mother nature is heaven indeed
Follow me on a marvelous trip
And insight into the bars that I script
Imagination is vital like timing
Or the breaks in the car that you sit
I got a golden ticket like Charlie
To advance the position I'm in
And now I'm on the front line like an army
Where the chances are trickling thin

(Hook: Emeli Sandé)
I am nothing, nothing, nothing but a dreamer wishing on a star
I have nothing, nothing but pure imagination, hoping it can take me far
I keep repeating in the dark, she said it didn't matter who you are
I am nothing, nothing, nothing but a dreamer (Nothing but a dreamer)

(Verse 2: Devlin)
I float on the breeze
Like the pollen and the birds and the bee's
I'll always have roots in the ends
Like bushes and tree's upon metropolitan streets
But I'll smile when I'm dreaming
I'm somewhere far on the wings of a phoenix
Oh what a marvelous evening
I met Bob Marley and sparked up a 3 skin
And spoke about current affairs
And various ways to build and repair
Look deep in the depths of your mind
And you'll find that your imagination is there
I can't stop till my family crest is cemented in time
And I'm half way there
And then when I float on the breeze
I'll leave the throne to my heir

(Hook: Emeli Sandé)

(Verse 3: Devlin)
Through the stress and pain I've seen
Is it wrong to dream a dream?
Everyone holds the right
To have some hope in life
Through the stress and pain I've seen
Is it wrong to dream a dream?
When you find one hold it tight
It just might be your guiding light

(Hook: Emeli Sandé)
Добавлено: 30.04.2014
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