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Cure - Faith - Tiannemen Version - текст

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Catch me if i fall
I'm losing hold
I can't just carry on this way
And every time
I turn away
I lose another blind game
The idea of perfection holds me
Suddendly i see you change
Everything at once
The same
But the mountain never moves
You rape me like a child
Christened in blood
Painted like an unknow saint
There's nothing left but hope
Your voice is dead
And old
And always empty
Trust in me through closing years
'cause perfect moments wait
If only we could stay
Say the right words
Or cry like the stone white clown
And stand
Lost forever in a happy crowd
No one lifts their hands
No one lifts their eyes
You justified with every word
The party just gets better and better
I went away alone
With nothing left
But faith

It makes me think i would dare this.
It makes me think i would dare this.
Someone walks up to you and is so much bigger than you and says : "shut your fucking face !".
You can garb hold their eyes and go, and they will fall down in front of you, fall down in front of you.
But it's so much different if a man walks up and he's this high...
He says : "shut your fucking face !"
And holds a gun to my mouth.
What will i do ? what will i do ?
What would you do ?
He won't let me speak, he says : "you can only say the word -yes-.
If i ask you a question you say -no-
I shoot the back of your fucking head". he says : "do you love me ?
Do you love me ?"
I'll say, i'll say......... i'll say...
He's this small, this far away. he says : "i'm fucking waiting for your answer. answer me now ! do you love me ? do you love me ?"
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahouuuuuuuuuhhh ! i say no !
'cause i fucking don't love you ! 'cause i fucking don't love you !
Walk into the room, push anything in my face, anything in my mouth !
I'll never fucking love you !
And push this deep inside your head.
And push this deep inside your head.
This means nothing, means nothing !
There's nothing left but faith.
There's nothing left but faith.
There's nothing left but faith.
There's nothing left but faith...

Thank you very much and good night.
And don't forget.
Good night.
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