Hot Stuff vs. World Hold on

Craig David - Hot Stuff vs. World Hold on (feat. Bob Sinclar) - Текст песни

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Everybody sing we beget
Girl, hold on
Instead of messing with my future
Open up your heart

Hit the floor, show me what you're workin'
Sequins on your skirt accentuates all of your curves and
Girl, you know I'm likin' all the things you're doin'
Specially when them other girls be checkin' out your moves and

Girl, I want in
The way you're turnin' me on I can't even begin
You're so hot like you come straight out of the kitchen
When you dip it down low 'cos we're trippin'
'Cos now other guys be lookin' at you
'Cos you're so damn fine, really blows my mind
Girl, it's all about you, so what we're gonna do

[Chorus x2]
Let's dance
Get on the floor no need to hold back
Sexy thong, mini-skirt, stilettos, shakin' all that
Let's dance
What you're doin' to me girl, I can't hold back
Some hot stuff is all that I need
So why are we waitin'?
Let's dance

On the floor as I pull you close in
Hands all up my back with my arms wrapped around your waist and
Temperature be risin', beat straight hypnotizin'
Ain't no time for talkin', girl, let's keep this whole thing movin'

Know what I'm sayin'
Hop in then we be just straight up misbehavin'
Girl, you're makin' me hard what a feelin'
Especially when you spin around rub up on my...
And I ain't even playin'
Talk so many things I wanna do (tonight)
You make we wanna go home with you (that's right)
So maybe they all like to think it through
But right now it's all about me and you so


Baby, you're so hard and makin' me feel
Let's dance
Shakin' what you've got in stiletto heel
So real yeah
Let's dance
You're so bad, now baby, please don't turn away no no no
Let's dance
'Cos I can't think of a better time to say

[Chorus x3]

Let's dance (x3)
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