Can You Feel Me

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
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Tell me tell me why you wanted to go
Though I asked you to stay
Most definitely the finest girl
From around my way
Sexy physique sexy for that
It was just your way
I coulda been your man
You couldve been my sweet lady

Now I can't see how this could be for real
Oh no how you could go and leave before
I could tell you how I feel so I sing it

Now I don't know
As I'm cruisin in my ride
How did I let you go
Without a woman by my side
Always stoppin my flow
It's just my flow give it a try
Can you feel me
Can you feel me
Should I stay should I go
Well thats just for me to decide
True playa for real
That informations just inside
What's the deal let us go
I wanna thank her for my pride
Can you feel me
Can you feel me

Its just a case of I didnt want you to go
I knew I wouldnt get to see you no more
Some people take it fast
Some people take it slow
Just to tell you how they want you need you
Its time to move on
I dont think you understand me
Cause when you came to my apartment 543
Cause it was that I was just too blind to see
You were the only girl for me


Now I know this might seem strange
We couldve been in paradise
Now that your gone
Something just don't feel right
So baby won't you bring it home to me
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