The Spawn of Love and War

Cradle Of Filth - The Spawn of Love and War - Текст песни

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Poets racking absinthed brains 
Could never fully paint these nights 
No martyr parting from his pain 
Could utter words so erudite 
As those she now divulged to me 
In throes of passions grip 
Indulging latent fantasies 
That ran forked tongues along the lip 

Of fate's pudenda 
The twisted snake's agenda 
Now the world would bend 
To her deadly legacy 

Life's graveyard was waiting, such dizzying flight 
From the convent at All Hallows Fair 
Without contemplating, we fled through the night 
Too blood-drunk and cunt-sated to care 

The Goddess had spoken 
And woken desire 
It crackled in the air around us 
A psychic force shimmering like fire 

And on her breasts. that old necklace 
The one I snuck from the fucked Abbess 
Whose dirty little secret, other than me 
Now shone with bold intensity 

Vast the power it possessed 
The darkness Brought to living flesh 

This treasure was ancient, taken by force 
From an elite caste of priests in Delphi 
The Templars were patient, they stayed out the course 
Then fleeced their Greek hosts in their sleep 

That necklace traversed 
Vile murders and miles worse 
But what was a curse 
To this perverse demoness? 

Legend swore it was a gift of malice 
For the maiden Harmonia 
The illegitimate spawn of love arid war 
Jealousy made it gleam for her 
For with it clasped, her looking glass 
Was ever beautiful and young 
But disaster choked her royal caste 
And every throat on which it hung 
There madness, death and horror clung 

Immortalised in mortal guise 
She was a sight for blighted eyes 
A plague to gladly plagiarise 
And spread like red excited kisses 

She was more than me 
More than wards 
Could fulfil in the parlance of the angels 
She cast a spell on every cell 
In my nobody 
She gave me back my tongue 
That she might run it on herself 

She was Lilith. she was light 
I was but a parasite 
Beckoned to temptation 
In her velvet overtones 
Through frozen antics, dressed in white 
She led me into paradise 
Neath comets in ovation 
Like the Queen of winter, throned... 

Pleasures archetypal 
Then much rarer agonies 
I was a sworn disciple 
Of her whims and dark decrees 

In Europe's hair 
Her spies were everywhere 
A sylph amongst the filthy rich and debonair 
Her greater plan 
All chaos and the all of man 
For as she fed dark appetites 
She bred her children there 

The spawn of love and war 

Presiding over Hellfire clubs 
Arch-masons and Agharta 

The spawn of love and war 

She rode the beast. her legs apart 
A blazing pyre starter 

Life's playground elated, such dizzying sights 
And sensations ignited her grin 
As slaves celebrated her Satanic rites 
We climbed up to heaven in sin 

She came to me 
As she will come to You 
Intoxicating in her seduction 
Her siren sway. devastating voodoo 

Persistent, resistance is useless, fool 
To this Goddess, in lust she's cruel 

Beyond any measure, her pleasures will found 
A perverted Eden on sacred ground 

vast the power I caressed 
The darkness brought to vivid flesh 
And in it she now rules a cowered universe
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