Retreat Of The Sacred Heart

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
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She slept in ecstasy 
In hands that fanned her wildest fantasies 
Freed from Christ's frigid regime 
And rigid nails... 

She was first in church 
To lick her lips and self-debased 
Each waking second felt like heaven 
In the scarlet One's embrace 

And at last, clear memories, aghast 
Relinquished their control 
All things held dear to the wretched past 
Coalesced within her soul 

Madness crept into her sight 
Though her sinful hair 
Spoke of nothing to the contrary 
Once dulled eyes leaped alive with life 
Her piece of broken mirror 
Barely recognised 

The worm was turning 

For her sat grinning Victoria 
Who, no three weeks ago 
Was flogged red to euphoria 
For her dour love of God 
And the ardour of his crows 

Cold cloisters kept the dead apart 
At the Retreat of the Sacred Heart 

She stepped in ecstasy 
Neath skies that plied her wildest fantasies 
Freed into love's reacquainted dream 
And sudden gales... 

Night grew sultry late September 
A man came from the village 
Through the woods 
To help with harvest 
She was burning like the fields 
All her vows lay unfulfilled 
His name was Isaac, silent, blessed 
A mute whose tongue impressed her lately 

But now red skies darken 
The roonks lament 
Windswept maelstroms harken 
The approach of Lilith's 
Nightmare kingdom 

The woman in her astral dreams 
Became more vivid, livid, obscene 
Scatted on the throne of oayx blasphemies 
Emanating raw desire 
And the surging urge to scream 

Darkness crept into her face 
She stood erect 
And spook of riches and their whereabouts 
Finding in Isaac the need to place 
A hidden Templer necklace 
Lest the month run out 

For now stormed the vainglorious 
In her palace of mass delight 
Her power dawned victorious 
Victoria the key, her mind unfastened 
By flights of morbid fancy 
Psychomancy, rites of ancient wrong 
Sweet seductions, peaked cruptions 
Spiking through impatient song 

Cold cloister kept the dead apart 
At The Retreat of the Sacred Heart 

The gate to hell was forced apart 
At The Retreat of the Sacred Heart

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