Harlot On A Pedestal

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Where does the madness end? 
How far down do the rungs expire 
In smoke and burning heat? 
In depravity and sin? 

In her shocking retinue 
I saw the worst 
Desire run amok amongst you 
And in her boudoir too 
The endless nights embedded 
In her beautiful cocoon 
Turning black and blue and jaded 

Kneelin at her feet 
My heart atrophied at her ravishing form 
The ultimate test 
Her cult obsessed 
With this body of the Goddess reborn 

When she first laid me to rest 
I saw such sights of wickedness 
From this harlot on a pedestal 
This scarlet Woman scorned 

I glimpsed desertion, the bluster of shame 
The tribes of the moon. their lustre improved 
A morbid aversion to the limpid domain 
Of Eden and Adam her dark temper moved 

I witnessed reverie then 
Perverse resurgence, souls on fire 
Blood and seed spilt for centuries 
For this imperious bitch 

In her shocking retinue 
I saw the worst 
Desire run amok amongst you 
A gnawer of taboo 
Dread appetites were threaded 
Right throughout the mortal zoo 
Her immortality now hungered 

I remember, in Thebes 
Enthroned with cat-skinned girls 
Her long dark hair braided with pearls 

A red gown split revealed her thighs 
As full lips rose to feline eyes 
Egyptian black outlined each lid 
It's clear who owned the pyramid 

Temptress Lilith 
Her beauty stirred me more than words 
Could ever paint, her bible hurt 

Tempered Lilith 
Hissing in the dark 
Pissing on my heart 
I was missing every part of Victoria 


I found them hypnotic, the years of display 
Of court life and parties, political bite 
Narcotic, erotic, her bleary soirees 
Left daylight a dream in the scheme of the night 

The scheme of the night 

But I grew uneasy, she wanted the earth 
For now she was spinning her sins 
Breeding fell children and hiding her worth 
Before the new orders disorder begins 

Feeding from the weak 
Savaged on their feet by her ravaging lust 
This young Countess 
Led lovers astray under cover of dusk 

When she took them to her breast 
They passed last rites, deliciousness 
Swept into their every pore 
This matriarch of darkness bored 

Harlot on a pedestal 
The night orchestral 
Harlot on a pedestal 
Never vestal...

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