A Gothic Romance (Midnight in The Labyrinth)

Cradle Of Filth - A Gothic Romance (Midnight in The Labyrinth) - Текст песни

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Evening minuetto in a castle by the sea
A jewel more radiant than the moon 
Lowered Her mask to me 
The sublimest creature the Gods, full of fire 
Would marvel at making their Queen 
Infusing the air with Her fragrant desire 
And my heart reeled with grave poetry....

In a pale azured dawn like Ligeia reborn 
I tore free of my sleep - sepulchre 
On the sea misted lawn where stone figures, forlorn 
Lamented the spectre of Her 
Bewildered and weak, yet with passion replete 
I hungered for past overtures 
The curse of unrest and her ardent caress 
Came much more than my soul could endure....

Sleep, usher dreams 
Taint to nightmares from a sunless nether 

Mistress of the dark 
I now know what thou art 

Screams haunt my sleep 
Dragged from nightmares thou hast wed together 

Lamia and Lemures 
Spawned thee leche 
To snare my flesh 

Portrait of the Dead Countess

Fleeting, enshadowed 
Thou art privy to my sin 
Secrets dead, wouldst thou inflict 
The cruel daylights upon my skin? 
Dost thou not want to worship me 
With crimson sacrifice 
So my cunt may twitch against thy kiss 
And weep with new-found life?
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