Behind the Jagged Mountains

Cradle Of Filth - Behind the Jagged Mountains - Текст песни

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
I have come from the freezing seas 
From the warmth of foreign coals 
Through the dismal fog of insecurities 
To a cloud-enshrouded noble goal 

The world has cast me from its laughter 
Thrown to the wolves, to the dread thereafter 

So now I forge a journey fraught 
Through these bitter wastes of snow 
Over ice and gorge to an Eden sought 
Far from the human races afterglow 

This sightless climb is treacherous to weather 
As the cold bites deep, old heartstrings sever 

Behind the jagged mountains 
Beyond the frozen North 
At the back of Boreas. The zealous wind 
There crest celestial fountains 
Crystal waters soaring forth 
In the realm of our sacred Angelus kin 

Neither muse nor music flees 
This garden of delights 
Everywhere the soothing hands of nature please 
In this state of pure Euphoria 

Paradise lies at the heart of darkness 
And one must pay for this deep catharsis 

Now the storm-clouds retch 
A vision fleets before my eyes 
Wherein minarets and spires touch 
Phantasmagoric skies 
And meadows stretch to woodlands 
Of sweet nymph and fireflies 

Death is in the breeze 
And his mind will paralyse 

My mind is in the clutch 
Of something too long fantasised 

Behind the jagged mountains 
Beyond the frozen peaks 
At the back of Boreas, the zealous wind 
The Gods of love are counting 
Down the nights until we meet 
In the realm of oursacred Angelus kin 

Now the mirage blears 
And the howling gusts renew their fury 
The gleam of moonlit towers 
Fades to utter fear 

The mountains rear in anger 
At the righteousness I lack 
And in their monstrous grasp I know 
Dear God 
They will never let me back... 

Free of enemies, no death, disease 
The doves of peace, in flight 
Carouse upon the ever-Summer breeze 
In this land of Hyperborea 

Behind the jagged mountains 
Beyond their icy stares 
At the back of Boreas, the zealous wind 
My soul is now surmounting 
Past the grasp of last despairs 
To the realm of our sacred Angelus kin 

Behind the jagged mountains 
Beyond the frozen North
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