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Clara Chung - Camel Song - аккорды и текст, таба, видео

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Camel Song

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Camel Song
Clara Chung
Intro: C7M   Em7 F7M   Fm7 Em7 Am7 Dm7 G7

Verse 1:
C7M                        Em7       
Running through the forest hand in hand
F7M                   Fm7
Jumping over streams, talking 'bout our dreams
    Em7       Am7       Dm7   G
We laugh, we smile, we dance
C7M                   Em7
Would you give it one more chance?
F7M                   Fm7
Please, don't let me leave this place
   Em7                  Am7       Dm7    E7
I really, really don't wanna wake up
        Am7                              Em7
'Cause then I'll have to face all the thoughts that race
F7M              Fm7          
How it all ended up the same 
   Em7      G          C7M  
Without you here in my arms

C7M   Em7 F7M   Fm7      Em7 Am7          Dm7  E7
Keeeeeeeeeeeeeep holding on (Keep holding oooon)
Am7 Em7 F7M   Fm7     Em7 G C7M  
Keeeeeeeeeeeep holding ooooooon

Verse 2:
  C7M                         Em7            
Remember how we laughed, our hearts beating fast
F7M                 Fm7
It was like a scene straight from tv
    Em7                Am7        Dm7  E7
We sped away from the cops on our feet
   Am7         Em7            F7M            Fm7
To find a spot on a hill that overlooked the city still
     Em7 G          C7M   
With you here in my arms


Varse 3:
C7M                       Em7
Don't forget the pictures in our minds
      F7M           Fm7               Em7  Am7              Dm7     E7
On the floor at the station, we could care less what people thought
     Am7           Em7               F     Fm7
The only two in a sea of blur at the turn in 'nother year 
     Em7 G          C7M  
With you here in my arms

Verse 4:
C7M       Em7            F7M          Fm7
Pizza and pasta with the band playing Sinatra
        Em7      Am7      Dm7   E7
Nothing else can never compete
       Am7       Em7                F7M       Fm7
Like a two piece puzzle, they don't even come close
     Em7 G          C7M  
With you here in my arms

Am            Em
We travel the world
F                      Fm
Pampas from Brazil and brats from Belgium
Am                     Em
There are so many more places to discover
      F                         Fm
And I wouldn't wanna do it with another

Verse 5:
      C7M        Em7              F         Fm7   
Don't forget the journey's in the snow solving mysteries
Em7        Am7            Dm7    E7
And in the desert full of camels
     Am7         Em7          F7M    Fm7
As I finish this song, I have one request 
     Em7 G        C7M  
That you be in my arms

Добавлено: 28.06.2012
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