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Chris Brown - Drop It - текст песни

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Drop It

  • текст

Don't let ‘em fade out, the club, I'm…
So many girls I'm throwin' a hundred
I don't need a good girl, I want a bad woman
Who can pick it up and drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
Drop that ass for me
That's me hurtin' you
Girl, go on, just drop that ass for me

[Verse 1]
There's no money like more money
Hit the club with a snow bunny
Left the club with like four honeys
Call me Chris Brown, ‘cause I'm gon' run it
Super hood, been good
I'mma die trappin', I still do it
I faced death and I lived through it
Try me and put your kids through it
What the fuck you thinkin? My niggas really bangin'
Stomp a nigga out, I'm the hood Kirk Franklin
This blunt so loud got my whole hand's stinkin'
Bank of America, that's where the fuck I'm hangin'
Action Jackson, Mr. Bring The Stacks In
Baby drop it for me, we could make a transaction
Catch me out in traffic, always be ashin'
Yeah, the fat boy made your bitch get nasty


[Verse 2]
I always liked your pussy
Broke niggas get no pussy
I pimp hard like I sold pussy
Your new bitch my old pussy
I'm back, man, I'm no pussy
Play pussy you gon' stay pussy
Word around town always be “keep them Ks, pussy”
Bad bitches, they stay with us
Smoke a pound, we don't save Swishers
I can turn ‘em up but don't save bitches
Like Broadway, I play bitches
Peep game, I train hoes
Eight chicks in a Range Rove
Game over, you in lame clothes
I'm goin' hard ‘til the bank close
Bet it all on a dice roll
They all fuck and I know so
Stand ‘em up and I knock ‘em down
804's where I'm ridin' around
I'll always be… a trill nigga
Givenchy, baby, we don't fuck with Hilfiger


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