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Children 18 3 - The City - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

The City

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The City
Children 18 3
   Verse 1
A             D
We are the city
           A                       D
Where the lights come on and they never go out
          A                               D
And the streets are filled with the children's shouts
  A                 D                  E
I want to hear you sing that song for me
  A                D
I want to capture one at a time
         A                                D          E
All the little brown flecks that made my eyes go blind
         A                                     D
All the wide eyed splendor that I put in a frame
          A                                D            E
I want to tear it down and let it throw perspective insane
           A                         D
There's a light up in a box at the top of a post
         A                                  D            E
Giving direction to the shadows that could use it the most
A                           D
Turn aside pilgrim at the sound of her voice!
       G                   A
It's wisdom herself that offers the choice

F# D               F#
Oh, come to the city
D                        F#
We're taking over the world

  Verse 2 same chords
We are the city
With the lights strung out on the evergreen trees
And the yard lit up so the neighbors can see
Come on and capture what you think you couldn't keep

Turn on the light switch and everything's bright
It doesn't even take a moment to erase the night
How would it be if I knew this was true
If I opened my eyes and tried to help you

What good is salt if it stops being salty?
I tried to run but my cover was blown
What good is a map if it gives no direction?
And what good is home if it isn't your home?

  Chorus 2 the same
Oh, come to the city
We're taking over the world
My momma said 'Son, you're a little man

'Listen to me and understand
'Soon we're gonna take that car

'And drive away where ever we are'
    All palm muted
Let's go
We'll catch a ride to the city
Let's go
where the streets are wide
Let's go
We'll catch a ride to the city
Let's go

Then Solo where it's all A and D, and then Chorus Again. This sound WAY better 
with power chords so use those. Have fun playing it. 
Добавлено: 13.03.2012
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