Who You Gonna Believe

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I remember every word you said
We can't go on this way
Last night, you had me going out of my head
Should I go or stay?

But I've given you everything
That one woman could give a man
So when you gonna recognize and realize
Just what we had, now tell me

Who you gonna believe, her or me?
What's it gonna be, Who you gonna believe?
Before your heart shatters, love is all that matters

You put me through
That lover's game over and over
Someday someone's gonna
Put you through the same
Lover to lover

I hope you don't find out too late
I hope you never have to feel the pain
'Cause if you lose
The love you took for granted
That you could never appreciate

Who you gonna believe, her or me?
Who's it gonna be, who you gonna believe?
Before you make up your mind
You better take some time

What about me, don't you think
I need a man here standing by my side
And what about you, you need a woman
To hold you through those cold and lonely nights
Oh, what about us we belong together
Forever and ever, oh I'll be there
If you should ever need me

Oh, I know everything will work
Out fine, just believe it
Oh, I know cause we've been through   
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