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Cher - War Paint And Soft Feathers - текст песни

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War Paint And Soft Feathers

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Авторы: Sandy Pinkard, Cloretta Kay Miller, Al Capps

They were from two warring tribes
So their love could never be
He was a painted Apache
And she was a Cherokee

He was stealing her father's horses
When he saw her standing there
The moon braided bits of silver
All through her long black hair


War paint and soft feathers
Love was meant to be
Even though he was Apache
She was a blue-eyed Cherokee
War paint and soft feathers
Under the pale blue light
Doing what tribal laws forbid
His drums brought the silence of the night

His strong arms circled round her waist
His head band touched her brow
They were of two different tongues
But their lips met anyhow

Next to a small oak tree
Crossed spears forbid their love
There'd been no peace between their tribes
Long as eagles soar above


Now the leaves have fallen to the ground
Over and over again
From the small oak tree grown taller
Where once crossed spears had been

A young man rides his billow horse
And he stands there tall and free
The son of a wild Apache
And a blue-eyed Cherokee   

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