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Cher - The Man That Got Away - текст песни

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The Man That Got Away

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The night is bitter

The stars have lost their glitter

The wind blows colder

And suddenly youre older

And all because of the man that got away

No more is he the cause

The writings on the wall

Oh but dreams, yeah dreams

Have all gone astray

The man that won you

Has gone off and undone you

The great beginning

Has seen its final ending

Dont know what happened

Its all a crazy game

No more, no more of that ole time thrill

Honey you been through the mill

Never will a new love will be the same

Good riddance ah goodbye

Every, every prickle is you own to

But fools will be fools

And where he goes to

The road gets rougher

Its lonelier and its tougher

We hope you run up

Tomorrow, tomorrow may come up

Theres just no letter

The live long night and day

Ever since this world begun

There aint nothing sadder

Than a one man woman

Crying for the man that got away

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