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Cher - The Gunman - текст песни

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The Gunman

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Авторы музыки: Paddy McAloon
Авторы текста: Paddy McAloon
I know that on some narrow street
Our paths will cross
Our eyes will meet
And love will leave me at his feet
I'm waiting for the gunman

When I enter a room
I will only sit facing the door
It's love I'm looking for
As I search every face
I start to wondering is this the place


For love is a gunman
And no mercy has he
He'll hunt you down
Until the day death sets you free
Love is a gunman
And he's coming to town
You'll met his gaze both barrels blaze
Staring you down
Love is the gunman
And no mercy has he
This time his sights are fixed on me

You can run, you can hide   

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