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Cher - Magic in The Air - текст песни

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Magic in The Air

  • текст

(somthings in the air)

I feel something in the air

Something that was never there

I feel something started to live in me

Something only God could give to me

Could give to me


I feel magic every where

Even though Im supposed to care

About all the things that my neighbors

Will think of me and how I should act

When they said what a nice girl

I used to be, I used to be

My mom will say my God whatve you done

I told you that boy was only a fun

My daddy will raise like a storm on the sea

Say now look what youve done to me

Even though I care, I feel magic in the air

Whats a matter with you baby

Did you fall too hard when you fall in love

You fall in love

Whats a matter with you baby

Did you fall too hard


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