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Cher - Kiss to Kiss - текст песни

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Kiss to Kiss

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Авторы: Mary D’Astugues, Jon Lind, Phil Galdston

Do nothing till you hear from me
Leave a number where you're gonna be
These times are dangerous for you and me
Would I get a message through?

She'll be watching every move you make
She'll be waiting for that one mistake
Somebody's heart is gonna have to break
Before we are through


'Cause we can't live from kiss to kiss
Making up for all we've missed
Hiding in the daylight shadows
Until it's time to say "goodbye"
Wishing it would be all right
Living with a loneliness from kiss to kiss

Don't ask me now what is right or wrong
'Cause I've been wondering since you came along
We were weak and love was strong
Now there's nothing we can do

So I'll meet you at the same old place
I know it's worth it when I see your face
Someday we'll disappear without a trace
Baby, that's the truth


I keep hoping we'll find a way
(Kiss to kiss)
I keep wondering who's gonna pay
(Kiss to kiss)
I keep waiting for Judgement Day

Some people's lives just get in the way
And that's the truth


(Kiss to kiss)
Making up for all we've missed
Kiss to kiss(kiss to kiss)
Hiding in the daylight
Kiss to kiss(kiss to kiss)
Kiss to kiss(kiss to kiss)   

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