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Cher - I Found Someone - аккорды, текст

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I Found Someone

  • аккорды, текст
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Авторы: Mark Mangold, Michael Bolton

I Found Someone
Dm   C    Bb  C
Dm   C    Bb  C

Dm     C      Bb
Don't you know
Bb               C           Dm
So many things, they come and go
Dm               C               Bb
Like your words that once rang true
Bb               C                       Dm
Just like the love I thought I found in you
C            Bb       C          Dm
And I remember the thunder
C            Bb            C       Dm
Talkin' 'bout that fire in your eyes
Bb                                F
But you walked away, when I needed you most

Bb           C    Bb     C
Now, maybe baby, maybe baby
F        Bb         C
I found someone
Bb         C         F    Bb    C
To take away the heartache
Bb         C          F           Bb        C
To take away the loneliness
Bb                 Gm                       C
I've been feelin' since you've been gone
                  Dm           C    Bb   C
Since you've been gone

Dry your eyes
I never could bear to see you cry
Some day your love will shine through
And show you the feelings that ya never really knew
But baby don't ya loose that thunder
Talkin' 'bout that fire in your eyes
You're lookin' at me, but you still don't believe


F                                  Bb
Too long on the border line
F                                       Bb
Wondering if your love was really mine
Gm                                   F
But you left me with open eyes
Gm                     Bb          C
And when I realized


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