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Cher - Fires of Eden - текст песни

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Fires of Eden

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Авторы: Kit Hain, Mark Goldenberg

It's not over till it's over
I heard someone say
Must be a whisper in the wind
Cause you're too far away

But in my restless sleep
I could swear I saw you next to me
Saying: "ooh I'm coming home,
You'll never spend another night alone"


Remember when love was innocent
There was never a better time
But you know those fires of Eden
Still burn in this heart of mine

The morning's uncertain
It's a nervous day
And I look for a reason
Why I should feel this way

I hear a voice from before
Drifting through my office door
Saying" "It's alright,
We're gonna light those flames tonight"


Remember when love was really young
We knew we were two of a kind
But you know those fires of eden
Still burn in this heart of mine

And don't you wonder
How we drifted so far
When we belonged to each other
Ooh, we were miles apart

And there's a place
That was meant for the two of us
And when you touch the embers
You feel my love as strong as it ever was   

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