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Cher - Don't Come Cryin' To Me - текст песни

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Don't Come Cryin' To Me

  • текст

Throw out our love
Like it was old news
Be sure to wear your best pair
Of walking out shoes
Go take the world
Into your hot hands
You want the music baby,
Go have the dance
Ooh when you miss my love
And you're thinking about
How good it use to be
Ooh when you long for my touch
Baby please don't come crying to me
Remember you were the one
Who wanted to be free
That's how you wanted to be
So don't come crying,
Don't come crying to me
Don't you come crying
Walk out the door and go on and go free
Step on my heart like
It's the ground under your feet
Find another lover if you want to
You got to do whatever you got to do
Ooh but when the nights get cold
And you're thinking about
How hot we used to be
Ooh and when there's no one to hold
[Chorus x3]

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