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Cher - Could've Been You - текст песни

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Could've Been You

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Авторы: Bob Halligan, Jr., Arnie Roman

Well it must have been good,'cause you said it was love
I guess that day you left me it wasn't good enough
Now you're calling my number, say you wanna come back
Oh baby, baby it's too late for that

'Cause when you see me
There'll be somebody new by my side
Somebody who is sure he is mine


When you see the smile on his face
Just remember baby, could've been you
Could've been you
When he's standing there in your place
I hate to say it baby, could've been you
Could've been you[This line is not sung in the first chorus]

Guess I should have been cool, maybe I was too kind
When loving me was easy, you were hard to find
And when I cried over you baby
How the tear drops burned
Oh baby, baby, now the table's turned

So if those tears start falling
When you see us walking by
I hope you won't forget who said "goodbye"


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