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Cher - All I Ever Need Is You - текст песни

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All I Ever Need Is You

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Авторы музыки: Jimmy Holiday, Eddie Reeves

Sometimes when i'm down and all alone
just like a child without a home.
The love you give me keeps me hanging on 
oh honey, all i ever need is you.

Your my first love your my last.
Your my future your my past.
And loving you is all i ask
oh honey, all i ever need is you.

Winters come and they go,
and we watch the melting snow.
sure as summer follows spring
all the things you do.
give me a reaon to build my world around you.

Some men follow rainbows i am told.
some men search for silver some for gold.
i have found my treasure in your soul honey
all i ever need is you.

without love i'd never find a way,
through ups and downs of every single day.
i won't sleep at night until you say my honey,
all i ever need is you.

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