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Cher - All Because of You - текст песни

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All Because of You

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Авторы: Sue Shifrin, Jon Lind

A heart has a mind of it's own, sometimes
I can tell myself that
I'm better of being alone, sometimes
But this time I can't hide from the thought of it
It's around every corner I turn

Right there in lights in black and white
Staring at me


It's all because of you that I feel this way
All because of you that my heart wants to break
If every other love can be forgotten
It's all because of you, all because of you

I can't feel any magic inside, tonight
'Cause I can't reach out for the stars
Lookin' up at the moon on my own

No signs of life, no nothings right
Since you've been gone


All because of you I can't sleep at night
Oh no, I can't sleep at night
And there ain't no rest from this empty nest
Without your love
You don't know what it's like   

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