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Charles Wood - View me, Lord - текст песни

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View me, Lord

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Авторы музыки: Charles Wood

View mee, Lord, a worke of thine :
 Shall I then lye drown'd in night?
 Might thy grace in mee but shine,
 I should seeme made all of light.
 But my soule still surfets so
 On the poysoned baytes of sinne,
 That I strange and vgly growe,
 All is darke and foule within.
 Clense mee, Lord, that I may kneele
 At thine Altar, pure and white :
 They that once thy Mercies feele,
 Gaze no more on earths delight.
 Worldly ioyes like shadowes fade,
 When the heau'nly light appeares ;
 But the cou'nants thou hast made,
 Endlesse, know nor dayes, nor yeares.
 In thy word, Lord, is my trust,
 To thy mercies fast I flye ;
 Though I am but clay and dust,
 Yet thy grace can lift me high.   

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