Love Dat

Casual - Love Dat - текст песни (слова)

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[Chorus One]
I'm a make my nigga love dat. 
I'm still in the shit, killin' the shit cause nigga still feelin' this shit. 
Show me where your love at what's wrong wit dat. 
(Bad bitch's in the back ground) 
"Cause ain't nothin' wrong wit dat."

[First Verse]
I need some scrill n' that's real
They got me in this league feelin' like Jermaine  O'Neill
came out to early an' signed the wrong deal
So now Jerry Brown  movin' in the navy seals
Need to go to Kosovo find me the first Ho
Lookin' for a man ta' get her ready to go
Instead of the dough she, trippin' off the medical's bro
The pharmaceuticals are beautiful but you wouldn't know
To do for my Ho I'll ride on a scooter in snow
Who do you know that'll tutor your Ho
The executor truth n' shit
Got em' wishin'to be hotter want me an' Faye play in the Bay with sea otters
To be modest shit I need dollars weed knowledge an' two S.S. Impalas'
Bubblin' to get my little girls through college an they gonna love dat

[Chorus 2]
I'm a make my people love dat
I'm still in the shit killin' the shit
Cause nigga still feelin' this shit
Nigga show me where your love at
What's wrong with dat
[Back to chours number one.]

[Second Verse]
Man I got this shit shut bitches creamin' for the semen
It's your ho?
It's my nut
It ain't nuttin' till you struttin' through the cut
an see your slut on the passenger side I'm like what?
This bitch call me that's why you saw me faulty slidin' on way-way with baby
Felt like something wuz wrong she jumpin' my bones
But I got Seven-Six-Two's(Recording Studio)that are pumpin' your dome
Wutin' answerin' her cellular phone
Man I'm tellin' ya
Scheming at the shop you tried to follow me in
Not knowing that his bitch is at the holiday inn
with a bottle of ginn an' her modelin' friend you a baller
I ain't got I a dollar to spend
Jus' holla n' then next week it's Quality Inn
Cant wait to see Dada(Check shout outs n' thank youse)
again soon as he get outta the pen

[Chorus one x2]

[Third verse]
Eh. you got some money?
You better invest that
Cause nigga'll be all in your house like “where the rest at?”
Shoe- box under the bed could of, guessed that
You blessed cause you ain't sleeping in your vest cat
Got bitches jockin' John for stocks n' Bonds
and Mutual Funds but only the beautiful ones
You know what blunt's do to your lungs?
Least bit they plottin' the meek shit
But fuck dat a nigga still get leather on a brand new fit
an' walk the pit talkin' shit wit nigga's
I be sparking wit
But we family so normally we chalk the shit
My armour be the harmony near a situation what Karma be harming me?
(This is harmony.)

[Chorus one x2]
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