Casual - Intro - текст песни (слова)

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Yo (yeah) 
This is Casual (we in the house) 
Breakin rappers backs (want to let y'all know) 
You are now warned (Hieroglyphics) 
Might as well get used to it I'm comin with the 
fat tracks!! (Bring it in Domino) 
Ninety three on (ninety three til infinity yaknowhatI'msayin) 
All wack MC's fell (y'all don't know what time it is) 
Rollin in with Hieroglyphics (Hiero  yeahhh) 
Souls of Mischief  Del  Shamen  Snupe (to reign) 
Casual, Hieroglyphics (we got the bomb) 
Lettin niggaz know 
Uh-huh, that's on the freestyle tip 
I'ma break it down for you somethin like this 
(yo Cas kick some shit off the top of your head Cas) 
We'll see if you, see if you can follow it 
(they can't hang, man kick that shit in) 
Well most, M-Ceez get, beaten, defeaten 
I eat men, I'm the bestest the West is now 
on the map, you clown, but I'm gonna slap 
your wack shit (wack shit) I pack kids 
You step to the mat, it's, not, advised 
I'm wise, you'll need a disguise 
After I, bruise your eyes (black eyes) 
Rollin with Hiero, I know, I'm a fly bro (hiero) 
Because you're gonna die, foe 
If you step to me 
I seek em out, with telepathy (use your brain) 
You best just be baggin up because the West is the 
best (West is the best) G, and you will fail 
You are stale, your shit is butt, I hear your cuts 
and your, rhymes but they're wack, your tracks 
are not fat (wack) take that shit back (wack) 
Rollin like this (they don't know nothin about off the head) 
(they don't know nothin about off the head) 
(y'all niggaz can't rhyme off the head) 
(always get in circles with your written shit) 
(yo y'all gotta learn about Fear Itself) 
(youknowhatI'msayin, man fuck y'all, we in it, knowhatI'msayin?)