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Casting Crowns - Heroes - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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Casting Crowns
I was suprised to find out I was not able to find a good chordsheet for this awesome song in the internet. 
So here you go, this is solely ear-transcribed. If you find any mistakes, feel free to pass some constructive 


Am  C  F 
Am  C  F 

[Verse I]
              C                 F
She's on her own, two girls at home
Thirteen years just up and walked away
And left her all alone
               C                 F
With bills to pay and mouths to feed
           Am                      C     F
And every day she's taking care of everybody elses needs

[Pre-Chorus I]
          Dm                          C/E                       F
But she's finding her strength in the One love that won't ever leave her
       Dm                           C/E                            F
So she works and she prays and she loves and she stays cause they need her

               C               G      F
These are the heroes, just ordinary people
                   Am                      F
Laying down their lives like angels in disguise
They're weak but always willing
              G      F
They dare to do the hard things
           Am                  G             Dm            
And in the dark and desperate places no one else goes
                 Am    C  F
You'll find the heroes
                 Am    C  F
You'll find the heroes

[Verse II]
              C                  C(*)
He walks the halls, against the flow
He sees his high school as his mission field     
He's broken 'cause he knows                     C(*) Bass is one octave higher
The hopeless road that they are taking
The empty feelings they are chasing 
only lead to futures wasted
So he's willing to stand alone

[Pre-Chorus II]
          Dm                         C/E                      F             
He lives what he believes when they all say it's not worth believing
       Dm                           C/E                           F   
Every night on his knees, he prays God, won't You please help me reach them?


G                Am     F
  You may never know their names
C                                        G
  But they're moving mountains just the same
                      Am       F
Instead of searching for the spotlight
                C              F
They'll follow Jesus into the darkest night
C                                            F
Heroes, these are the heroes (These are the Heroes)


                 Am    C  F
You'll find the heroes
                 Am    C  F
You'll find the heroes
Добавлено: 01.05.2015
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