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Buck-o-nine - What Happened To My Radio - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

What Happened To My Radio

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oh no not again please tell i'm wrong 
it's been ten minutes since they played this song 
or is it the band with the one word name 
i get so confused it all sounds the same 

the dj must think i'm crazy 
or maybe just an idiot 
last week he was spinning country 
now alternative rock is the shit 
just who do they think they're fooling 
with this backwards regiment 
they shove it so far down your throat 
it's swallowed with an english accent 

what happened to my radio? 
it used to be cool 
now it just blows 

i've been waiting more than an hour 
for the request that i just made 
"we'll see what we can do about it" 
must mean they're gonna throw it away 
they say that they play new music 
that it's better than the rest 
switch the channel it's a carbon copy 
take the cutting edge and slit my wrists 

who has all the luck? who has all the fans? 
they make a million bucks and burn it in your hands 
who has all the luck? who has all the fans? 
they tell you that you're fucked! 
but you don't understand
Добавлено: 24.03.2012
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