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The Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
Bowie, David
		   e: Wed, 29 Apr 1998 17:15:10 -0700 (PDT)

I picked this one out on piano.  It's kind of tough to do the descending
baseline with a guitar, but it sounds really cool.

From Space Oddity, or Man of Words, Man of Music.

D/C#: X40232
D/C:  X30232
D/B:  X20232
Bb6:  X13333
A#dim:X12023 or XX2323, I prefer the former.

D  D/C#  D/C  D/B  Bb6     C     E7sus E7

D                D/C#            D/C       D/B           Bb6
Solemn faced the village settles down, undetected by the stones
        A                 A#dim
And the hangman plays the mandolin before he goes to
D D/C# D/C     D/B               Bb6
Sleep, and the last thing on his mind
       A             A#dim
is the wild-eyed boy imprisoned 'neath the
D                D/C# D/C          D/B            Bb6
covered wooden shaft,    folds the rope into it's bag.
A                 A#dim
Blows his pipe of smolders,  blankets
D              D/C#    D/C   D/B              Bb6
smoke into the room, and the day will end for some.
C      G                F        E7sus E7
As the night begins for one.

(Chords the same until they pick up again)
Staring through the message in his eyes lies a solitary son
from the mountain called the freecloud where the
eagle dare not fly, and the patience in his sigh
gives no indication for the
townsmen to decide, so the village dreadful groans
Pronouncing gross diversion as the
label for the dog.  Ooo it's the madness in his eyes
      C                   G
As he breaks the night to cry
           D D/C# D/C       D/B            Bb6
Its really me,       really you and really me
A                A#dim
It's so hard for us to really
D D/C# D/C      D/B         Bb6
be,      Really you, really me,
       A                  A#dim
You'll lose me though I'm always really

D  D/C#  D/C  D/B  C   C   C   C

        C                               C7
And the mountain moved it's eyes to the world and realized
          Bb               Ab            C                  E7sus      E7
Where the snow had saved a place for the wild-eyed boy from free cloud
(Same chords)
And the village dreadful cried as the moat began to rise
For the smile stayed on the face of the wild-eyed boy from freecloud.
        G                             C
And the women once proud clutched the heart of the crowd
       G                              C
as the boulders smashed down from the mountains hand.
        Am                        C
And the magic in the stare of the wild-eyed boy said
Am                C                   E7sus                E7
"Stop Free Cloud, they won't think to cut me down, no, no, no!"
        F        C           F            C
But the cottages fell like a playing card hell
        Bb           F           C
and the tears on the face of the wise boy
     F         C           F        C
came trembling down to the rumbling ground
        Bb         F         C
and the missionary mystic of peace/love
D                D/C#          D/C     D/B  Bb6
Stumbled back to cry among the clouds
A                A#sus            D          D/C#       C
Kicking back the pebbles from the Free Cloud mountain's track.

toomey@sos.net for requests, comments.        

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