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Blair Dunlop - Fifity Shades Of Blue - аккорды, текст

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Fifity Shades Of Blue

  • аккорды, текст
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Fifity Shades Of Blue
Blair Dunlop
Intro: C, F7M/C  

 C                            F7M/C                 C
Last week I took a minute, to check myself up and down
 F7M/C                  C [A] Am         [E]    F
I stopped outside a window, The first one that I found
 C                             F7M/C         C
And I waited for a moment, With no one else around
 F7M/C                 C [A] Am     [E]     F
I stared at the relflection, Until I made a sound

 G                                      Am [E]           F
I asked if I scratched the surface, Will I find something new? 
 Am        [E]   F         Dm
I've never taken kindly, To being lied to
 G                              Am          [E]      F
And if this makes me a liar, Then what does that make you? 
 Am        [E]    F                Dm
Oh my skin shines, But it resides on fifty shades of blue

 C                                   F7M/C          C
My friends have seen the burden, And shared it for a while
 F7M/C               C      [A] Am         [E]     F
He hides it well but we can tell, He wears a plastic smile
 C                               F7M/C           C
So before I greet your halo, I'll put myself on trial
 F7M/C                   C      [A]  Am   [E]   F
It can't be fun but it's illogical, If I myself began

 C                              Famj7/C        C
I've looked in every mirror But I only see my skin 
 F7M/C           C  [A]  Am        [E]       F
Whenever I look deeper, It just magnifies your sin
 C                                F7M/C         C
But I'll always find some comfort, Lying deep within
 F7M/C         C    [A]      Am         [E]   F
Lying makes me wallow, In the pain you always bring   
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