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Bill Wurtz - New Canaan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Bill Wurtz - New Canaan - аккорды и текст, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
New Canaan
Bill Wurtz
[Verse 1]

      Eb                 Ebsus2                       Ab      Absus2
I'm going to New Canaan, Pennsylvania
      Eb                 Ebsus2         Bb
I'm going to New Canaan for a late night snack
           Ab               Absus2               Gm7  Cm7 
and by late night I mean middle of the afternoon
            Fm    Bb         Eb      Ebsus4    Eb   Ebsus4
and i'm never coming back
Ab                  Absus4         Ab                 Absus2
Let me stop in Harlem to explain what I mean 
Ab                          Cm          Bb7sus4
i'm actually going to Connecticut
Ab Bb Eb                 Eb/G                      Ab        Bb         Bb7sus4      Eb Ebsus4 Eb Ebsus2
oh i'm going to New Canaan, Pennsylvania to have a good time

[Verse 2]

      Eb                         Ebsus2        Ab         Absus2
i'm riding on a good old fashioned train
     Eb                          Ebsus2               Bb
I hope that good old fashioned train don't get de-railed
      Ab             Absus2      Gm7       Cm7 
I'm hungry and starving for food and women,
        Fm             Bb7sus4b9    Eb       Ebsus4       Eb       Ebsus4
But I ain't gonna turn back yet.

[Verse 3]

       Eb           Bb                  Ab          Eb 
The season is winter and the sky is so blue
Ab        Cm7     Bbsus4         Bb
I am so blue for you
   Eb                Bb                     Ab        Eb
It feels just like summer and my nose is blue
            Ab          Cm7                  Gm7                     Cm7 
Cause I lie about details when my dreams don't come true
          Ab            Ab/G  Fm7
And I always feel for   you
          Fm7    Bb      Eb         Ab     Bb        Eb  Fm7    Bb7sus4b9
Every word I say is true

[Verse 4]

     Eb            Ebsus2               Ab          Absus2
I'm going on a journey to the countryside
      Fm7                              Bb            Gaug/A
I'm going on a trip to see what I can find
Ab               Absus2    Gm7   Cm7
Looks like a 12-figure income town
        Fm7        Bb7            Eb                 Ebsus2    Bb7sus4b9
But I love the shade of those license plates
Ab                    Absus2           Ab 
I'm gonna go to Starbucks and play my ukulele
Cm7                         Bbsus2
Under the bright blue sky
      Ab        Gm7                    Fm7          Bb7sus4             Eb      Ebsus2      Eb    Ebsus2
I'm going to New Canaan and everything feels just right.

[Verse 5]

Eb        Bb                   Ab                   Eb
oh, it's summer and the sky has turned grey,
Ab                  Cm7    Bbsus4         Bb
my dreams are sailing away.
Eb         Bb             Ab            Eb
I'm going crazy, and i'm feeling blue, 
            Fm7                 Cm7
cause I know where i'm going,
     Gm7           Cm7       Ab               Ab/G Fm7
but not what to do and I always dream of you
         Fm7    Bb7      Eb   Ebsus2   Ab   Bb etc....
Every word I say is true.
Добавлено: 17.03.2018
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