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Bill Withers - Sunshine When Shes Gone - аккорды и текст, видео

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Sunshine When Shes Gone

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Sunshine When Shes Gone
Bill Withers
Artist	Bill Withers
Song	Sunshine When She's Gone

Transcribed by Rob “Up the Wolves” Smith

I don't have this song on CD, I heard it when watching the film Notting Hill 
and Transcribed it from there, that means there is definitely room for error 
in this transcription but it sounds ok to me, and fills a gap on  of a 

I play it with bar chords


all that's left then is to position them on the guitar during the song

Pattern Number (1)

Pattern Number (2)

Aint no sunshine when she's gone 	Pattern Number (1)
Aint so warm when whe has gone away 	Pattern Number (1)
Pattern 2
Aint no sunshine when she;s Gone (6)
She's Always Gone too long (4)
Every time she goes away (1)		Pattern Number (1)
Добавлено: 09.06.2013
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