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Big Tymers - Try'n 2 Make a Million - текст песни

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Try'n 2 Make a Million

  • текст

Do you know what this ballin is, I'm talking bout marble floors
Tricks in private jets, hoes behind Rover doors
You talked about me bad but what you doin
Nothin but walkin round tha projects shoo-shooing
Get mad when I flash tha karats don't want to see me have it
I guess tomorrow I'll be smokin a 'gar in Paris
My cellular ring, ok let's pick up this change
Beeper blowin up, I'm lookin down at tha game
I'm steady changin cars so tha feds won't mess wit me
Park tha Q 4-5 and hop in tha Cherokee
At about 8:30 I'll be rollin in a millennium
Sippin on condact on my way to my condominium
Been rollin livin lavish, eatin in commanders palace
Bitches attracted to tha savage
Where niggas is chillin, sleepin in tha Royal Senesta
My girlfriend is my berretta, I never left her
What you know about them Beamers and Moe-Moe's
Them Lexus 4-doors and them '97 Volvos
Hell I might as well buy me a castle instead
And get fed some grace by Miss USA

[Hook (Juvenile)]
How can I make a million?
Without tha feds investigating my building
I know niggas gone try me, I'ma have to kill them
But I'ma keep on makin money up until then

Golds and hoes, niggas doin videos
My everyday wear is Reeboks and Girbauds
Young nigga look I'm smarter than Russell Simmons   

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