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Big Tymers - Playboy (don't Hate Me) - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга

Playboy (don't Hate Me)

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[Lil Wayne]

I be comin with it
If spot Wayne from a distance in the Expedition
I'm on chrome 20 inches
You'd know who I be
Oh yes you'd know me
Hoes see millionaire that's h-o-t
Wodie slow down you might be ahead
To slip and tell all your broads we already
Coleon me a mobsta regular
And you can call me on my ce-elier (cellular)
(What) Celebrate and pop the Don-p (beep)
That's Re that drop the bomb beats (uh-uh)
Middle name's Rabbits
Stuntin' hard naw that's my daddy Rabbit
I got a rolley on my wrist with ten karats
And I'm a shine but I'm still about blastin' (huh)
Nigga lil shorty bout paper
Bedroom, second floor in a bater ??
I'm a superstar (star)
Money makin' pimp
Up in the double-R (R)
Just me and Slim
I'm gettin cheese by the bills stackin' cake boy
Cash Money how you love that playboy, playboy

[Mannie Fresh]

Don't hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
Don't hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
How you love that playboy

[Bun B]

We go lights, action, camera
We here to hammer ya
Go ask Pamela or your baby mama lil Tamera
Feel like a samera or Zorro rich niggas don't barrow
Fill a check and wait 'til the bank open tomarrow
Look at your sorrow
Heads gotta meet
Kids gotta eat
Why don't we make a mil (million)
Rhymin' in and out of beat
In mydazeep ??
Shit don't even look for it it's way off
Concerts sellin' out like Chicago Bull's playoffs
So stay off the ground cuz it's dangerous wodie
Too many riches these bitches gonna wanna hang with us
It's a gang of us wodie
You see one everywhere you go
Ain't no thing with this wodie
You get it any ear for sure
We go to the bank
So much bitch we got a bedroom
What else count money and give a nigga head room
So when you hear the leg boom
Bitch you better get somewhere
Somebody gettin' hit somewhere
But on the west start some shit somewhere

[Mannie Fresh]

Don't hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
These flashy cars ain't new to y'all
Don't hate me baby cause I'm beautiful
These flashy cars ain't new to y'all
Playboy, don't hate me don't hate me don't hate me


I got these niggas talkin' bout this black on black
I scored that last summer
But this year playboy I'm a stretch that motherfucker
I bought a Yukon for my main bitch with my new horn
Pictures of other niggas' old ladies suckin' my shit
While you be lovin' this stupid bitch
Добавлено: 16.06.2012
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