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Biffy Clyro - аккорды, тексты, табы, табулатуры, gtp

Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга
Страна: Великобритания
Даты: 1995 - ...

Дискография [+]

Альбомы и синглы:

  • Somebody Help Me Play [макси-сингл]
  • Iname [28.06.1999, сингл]
  • thekidswhopoptodaywillrocktomorrow [13.06.2000, макси-сингл]
  • 27 [30.10.2000, сингл]
  • Justboy [01.10.2001, сингл]
  • 57 [04.02.2002, сингл]
  • Blackened Sky [10.03.2002, альбом]
  • Joy.Discovery.Invention / Toys, Toys, Toys, Choke, Toys, Toys, Toys [15.07.2002, сингл]
  • The Ideal Height [24.03.2003, сингл]
  • Questions and Answers [26.05.2003, сингл]
  • The Vertigo of Bliss [16.06.2003, альбом]
  • Eradicate the Doubt [22.09.2003, сингл]
  • Glitter and Trauma [09.08.2004, сингл]
  • My Recovery Injection [20.09.2004, сингл]
  • Infinity Land [03.10.2004, альбом]
  • Only One Word Comes to Mind [14.02.2005, сингл]
  • Semi-Mental [25.12.2006, сингл]
  • Live at Radio 1's Big Weekend [2007, макси-сингл]
  • Saturday Superhouse [05.03.2007, сингл]
  • Living Is a Problem Because Everything Dies [14.05.2007, сингл]
  • Puzzle [04.06.2007, альбом]
  • Folding Stars [16.07.2007, сингл]
  • Machines [08.10.2007, сингл]
  • Who's Got a Match? [04.02.2008, сингл]
  • Mountains [18.08.2008, сингл]
  • That Golden Rule [24.08.2009, сингл]
  • The Captain [19.10.2009, сингл]
  • iTunes Live From London [26.10.2009, макси-сингл]
  • Only Revolutions [09.11.2009, альбом]
  • Many of Horror [15.01.2010, сингл]
  • Bubbles [03.05.2010, сингл]
  • Arenas Agree – As Big as Mountains and Seas: Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL, USA [31.05.2010, макси-сингл]
  • iTunes Festival: London 2010 [04.08.2010, макси-сингл]
  • God & Satan [23.08.2010, сингл]
  • Stingin' Belle [14.09.2012, сингл]
  • iTunes Festival: London 2012 [28.09.2012, макси-сингл]
  • Opposite [2013, сингл]
  • Opposites [2013, альбом]
  • This Is Biffy Clyro [2013, сингл]
  • Black Chandelier [13.01.2013, сингл]
  • Opposites [25.01.2013, альбом]
  • Biblical [01.04.2013, макси-сингл]
  • Victory Over The Sun [06.09.2013, макси-сингл]
  • Ellipsis [13.01.2016, альбом]
  • Re-Arrange [02.12.2016, сингл]

Концертные альбомы:

  • 1998: Cathouse: Glasgow, UK
  • 2003-12-08: Rothes Halls: Glenrothes, UK
  • 2004: Live Air Session: UK
  • 2006-02-20: NME Awards, Koko: London, UK
  • 2007-07-13: Radio 1 Live Lounge: London, UK
  • 2007: ATL Acoustic Session
  • Beggars Banquet AV Deck Session
  • Revolutions: Live at Wembley [24.06.2011]
  • Opposites: Live From Glasgow [29.11.2013]
  • MTV Unplugged: Live at Roundhouse London [24.05.2018]


  • Singles 2001-2005 [07.07.2008, сборник]
  • Missing Pieces [14.04.2009, сборник]
  • Lonely Revolutions [23.08.2010, сборник]
  • Blackened Sky B-Sides [02.04.2012, сборник]
  • The Vertigo of Bliss B-Sides [08.06.2012, сборник]
  • Infinity Land B-Sides [21.09.2012, сборник]
  • Similarities [18.07.2014, сборник]
Название Материалы
9 15ths
A Day Of
A Girl And His Cat
A Headline
A Man Of His Appalling Posture
A Mong Among Mingers
A Whole Child Ago
Accident Without Emergency
All The Way Down
All The Way Down Chapter 1
All The Way Down Chapter 2
All The Way Down; Prologue, Chapter 1
And Now The Action Is On Fire
And With The Scissorkick Is Victorious
As Dust Dances
Asexual Meat Kitchen
Being Gabriel
Black Chandelier
Blackened Sky
Blackened Sky (album)
Blackened Sky Part 1 (album)
Blackened Sky Part 2 (album)
Bodies In Flight
Bonanzoid Deathgrip
Boom Blast Ruin
Booooom Blast And Ruin
Born On A Horse
Break A Butterfly On A Wheel
Buddy Holly
But Im Serious
Childrens Limbs
Chistopher's River
Christophers River
City Of Dreadful Night
Cloud Of Stink
Convex Concave
Diary Of Always
Different People
Do You Remember What You Came For
Dont Wont Cant
Drop It
Eradicate The Doubt
Ewans True Mental You
Ewen's True Mental You (Hidden)
Ewens True Mental You
Fifty Seven
Fingers And Toes
Folding Stars
Foling Stars
Friends And Enemies
Get Fucked Stud
Glitter And Trauma
Go Your Own Way
God & Satan
Golubev Vlad - Я и Ты
Good Practice Makes Permanent
Got Wrong
Help Me Be Captain
Hero Management
Hope For An Angel
I Hope Youre Done
Im Behind You
Infinity Land
Infinity Land (album)
Its Always The Quiet Ones
Joy Discovery Invention
Joy Discovery Invention Live
Kids From Kibble And The Fist Of Light
Kill The Old Torture Their Young
Killing In The Name
Know Your Quarry
Less The Product
Let's Get Smiling
Liberate The Illiterate
Liberate The Illiterate A Mong Among Mingers
Liberate The Illiterate/A Mong Among Min
Little Hospitals
Little Soldiers
Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies

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