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Better Than Ezra - A Lifetime - аккорды и текст, табы, видео

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A Lifetime

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Авторы: Kevin Griffin

A Lifetime
Better Than Ezra
capo 1st fret
chords used F7M  ,C,G,D,Cadd9

F7M           C               G
Allie woke up 8 am graduation day
F7M            C                   G
got into a car crashed along the way
we arrived late to the wait
C               G
stole the urn while they looked away
F7M                   C                          G
drove to the beach cuz i knew youd want it that way

you were standin on the hood of your car
F7M                               Cadd9
singin out loud when the sun came up
F7M                  C                     G
And i know it wasnt right but it felt so good
F7M                      C                     G
and ya mother didnt mind like i thought she would
F7M           C                  G
that REM song was playin in my mind
D             F7M               Cadd9
3 and half minutes felt like a lifetime

F7M                 C     G
And you move like water
F7M               C    G 
i could drown in you
F7M              C      G 
and i fell so deep once
F7M                  C      G
till you pulled me through
and you tell me no is allowed to be so proud 
C                        Cadd9
everytime when their giving up

youll change between fmaj7 and  
c constantly during this verse

Are you standing in the lights 

or combng your hair again and talkin in rymes

are you standing in the lines
F7M                 C                    G
when i got home i heard the phone your parents had arrived
F7M                   C                       G
your dad set his jaw ya mom just smiled and sighed
F7M                   C               
but they left soon and i went to my room 
played that disc youd givin me
F7M            C                     G
shut my eyes swear i could hear the sea

Добавлено: 13.06.2012
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