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Beck - Mtv Makes me Want to Smoke - текст песни, видео

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Mtv Makes me Want to Smoke

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Crack{rolling...}MTV makes me wanna smoke crack,Fall out of the window,and I'm never comin' back.MTV makes me wanna get high,Can't get a ride no matter how I try.And everything's perfectAnd everything's brightAnd everyone's perkyAnd everyone's a tight...Of those video'sA watch 'em all day.    {Background}[Manager: What's the problem?][Beck: Uhh, I dunno...just stop the tape](* Here, he now does a Frank Sinatra Style of music, with a piano*)Hey, alright.MTV... whoa,Makes me wanna smoke Crack.Fly out the window,And I'm never comin' back.MTV makes me want to get high...as the moon,Like a rubber balloon.Oh, get that squeegee.Everything's wonderful,Everything's grand,Everything's swingin',All across the land.You know it.Bust out the biscuits,Strike up the band,Play those videos everyone woman and manCuz...MTV...whoa, makes me wanna smoke crack.HeyFly out the window,and I'm never coming back.OoohMTV...makes me want to get high as a kite,Getting all uptight.Take itAhh yea.  Fake it till ya make it.Right about now.Stepping into a cold ass fesh.Ahh yea, we whack that thing.I work down at the video store,Making some change.With the sparkle in my step,And a smile on my face.Condominiums...rising above,And those videos are better than love.Yea, MTV...one...MTV...check...MTV makes me wanna smoke crack.=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Questions, Comments, SuggestionsE-Mail: jeffreyk@brahms.udel.edu
Добавлено: 09.04.2012
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