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Beck - Movie Theme - аккорды и текст, видео

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Movie Theme

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Movie Theme
Author/Artist: Beck
Title: Movie Theme
Album: The Information
Transcribed by: Rory Lidstone
Email: rlidstone@gmail.com

Pretty easy song... Don't know why there isn't already a tab
for it, actually. The Eb's in the song, if you listen carefully,
are really quick and are used more as a jump between the Bb and
C# chords. 
If you don't feel like dealing with the barre chords, slap a capo
on the first fret and the chords are A D and C. However, it sounds
best if you play the C like X32013.

Intro: Bb (Eb) C# (Eb) Bb (Eb) C# (Eb) Bb (Eb)

Looking for a ladder
In the stratosphere
So I can be happy
              Eb    Bb
Let my bones melt away
Eb C#
  Stranded on a plane
That was circlin' round
I carry my heart
                       Eb      Bb
Like a soldier with a hand grenade
Walking down the aisle
Of the supermarket
Looking for the things for
              Eb     Bb
To carry my senses away
Eb C#
  Listen to a voice
On the telephone
Somebody's calling
          Eb    Bb
Somebody on the way
Eb C#
  Looking for a home
In the magazine page
Wages in my pocket
               Eb        Bb
Gonna buy me anything I need
Eb C#
  Searching for bait
Battery light
Wash me away
               Eb       Bb
Gaping at the oceans below
I'm not scared
'Cause there's nobody there
Mind is awake
                 Eb        Bb
Anything could lead me astray
Eb  C#
  Listen to the voice
On the radio wave
Somebody needs you
Somebody who is
Eb        Bb
On their way
Eb   C#
Eb   Bb

That's that. Also: When the guitar comes in half-way through
the song, you'll hear a second guitar playing

For Bb and:

for C#. Well, to be honest I don't hear the C# one but if you
check out when beck plays it live, that's in there.

Anyway, that's it. Enjoy!
Добавлено: 12.06.2012
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