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Avalon - By Heart, by Soul (feat. Aaron Neville) - текст песни

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By Heart, by Soul

  • текст

If you were a road
I'd learn every turn till I
Could find my way
With my eyes closed
If you were a song
I'd sing along till I
Knew every word
And every note
But you are everything to me
A mystery
You're the love I live to see
By heart, by soul
That's how I want
To know you
Keep you as close
As breath is to life
Wanna watch your love unfold
By heart, by soul

If you were a place
I'd stay my whole life so I
Had every corner memorise d
And if you were a star
I'd follow you home
You would be
The light that is my only guide
You are everything to me
My A to Z
And will be forever in eternity

Repeat chorus

I want to know you
Inside and out
Better than
I even know myself

Repeat chorus

If you were a star
I'd follow you home by heart
By soul


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