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Atmosphere - Puppets - текст песни, видео

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Лучшая metal-группа Петербурга


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Авторы музыки: Anthony Davis, Sean Daley

I know a guy with a rock star life
But he still don't fly so he's mad at the sky
Sits me down and kicks his wisdom 
He's been around I give him a listen
Seems like he got a lot of complaints 
About how nowadays things ain't the same, no
Used to place some faith in the basement 
A toast for this guy and those kids that he came with
Cause they all on the same shit based on, 
Cut down placement, up town, stayed strong
Don't ever do a dance with the devil now
That smile is a sign that you're sellin' out
Judgement, gossip, ethics, 
Let's just exploit all this excess
You can feel how we feels 
To walk around town to lookin down from them tall heels
And who needs fame or fortune 
When you get the same love that the fame is snortin
Future so afraid of yours 
That you strayed from the course and you came up short
Believe he would have more credibility 
If he wasn't just another drunk pill junky
It's obvious to me that he's still hungry 
For the superstars a little bad lucky
Go ahead and get mad at God 
Point your fingers at your dad and at Santa Claus
Listen all yall it's a sabotage 
Wouldn't look so bad with the bandage off

It goes one for the bar tap, two for the shine
Start up your car and do another line
Barely trust them their all puppets 
Love is nothing scared of success
One for the bass, two for the drums
Last call gonna take whatever comes
Barely trust them their all puppets 
Love is nothing scared of success

I think it's great how you used to be great
I can't hate on you choose to relate
But I know you had the potential
I understand why you wanted to let go
A lot of pressure in the middle of those shoulders
And we ain't gettin nothing but older
Ain't nothing change but the day we run from
But nobody knows that better than you, huh?

[Chorus x2]

Barely trust them their all puppets 
Love is nothing scared of success
Добавлено: 22.01.2014
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