Look Alive

Arabesque - Look Alive - Текст песни

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Hey look alive, it's me, baby, don't you see
Hey look alive, what's wrong with your memory
Have you been missing me, missing me
Look alive

Hey look alive, it seems that you drink too much
Hey look alive, stop talking your double Dutch
I've been missing you, missing you
Look alive
I'm coming home tonight
Why don't you look alive

We've only been apart
To give our hearts
A chance to find another start
Look alive
So I came back today
To tell you, Jay
That I would stay forever if I may
Because I love you, Jay

* Hey look alive. I'm staying forevermore
Hey look alive, so what are you waiting for
Why aren't you kissing me, kissing me
Look alive
I'm coming home to stay forever
Don't you understand, look alive

I've been away too long
And that was wrong
But still my love for you is strong
Look alive
You'll be the only man, so if you can
Forget that I have ever been away
Because you love me. Jay

* (повтор)

** Oh baby, look alive, live, live
Oh buby, look alive, live. live
I will be kissing you until you do look alive

** (повтор 2 раза с угасанием)   
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