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April Wine - Better Slow Down - текст песни

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Better Slow Down

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Авторы: Steve Segal, Myles Goodwyn

(Steve Segal/Myles Goodwyn) 
Published by MFG Sing Sing Music/Deeny Weeny Publishing/SOCAN - ASCAP 

Ain't no time to fool around 
Man I gotta hit this town tonight, I feel alright 
I've been standing in one place too long 
Listening to that same old song 
And you know, baby I gotta go, yeah 

Bright lights, comin' up real fast 
All night, I gotta make this moment last 
Headlights, pullin' up beside me 
A man pulled me over, gets out of his car 
And he said, you better slow down 

Busy pumpin' of the feet 
Bodies movin' in the heat all night, and that's alright 
I'm lookin' at the way she moves 
Cookin' up and turnin' grooves 
As she does, could this be love 

Bright lights, she's comin' up real close 
All night, I gotta make the most of it 
So nice, she's rubbin' up beside me 
Then she pulls back a little, looks to me in the eye 
To say, you better slow down 

Drinkin' wine and movin' fast 
I don't know if I'm gonna last the night, and that ain't right 
The guy who stopped me's puffin' smoke 
Asked me if I want a toke 
Hey what's this baby, you know that ain't right 

Bright lights, spinnin' all around 
All night, I'm goin' up and down 
So I, stop right here, ain't botherin' me 
Better split before I'm history, huh 

Alright, the man keeps comin', the lights keep spinnin' 
All night, it's time I head for home 
Alright, I gotta turn and get away from here, cause the 
Bright lights, you know they just don't work for me 
I gotta split from here before I'm history   

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